CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Accurate Group, a leading provider of real estate valuation, title data, analytics and electronic closing technology solutions, today announced plans to expand its nationwide network of appraisers in response to the growing demand for real estate appraisals. Accurate Group already has one of the largest appraiser panels in the United States and now plans to double both its in-house appraiser panel and its outsourced network of independent appraisers. By proactively expanding its network of appraisers, Accurate Group hopes to mitigate the risk of appraiser shortages in the industry and ensure that lenders and services continue to receive high service levels and turnaround times. assessment as quickly as possible.

This expansion offers appraisers the ability to leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline appraisal development, reduce reviews, improve efficiency, reduce overhead and support business growth. Accurate Group’s expansion opens up new business opportunities for appraisers looking to grow their business, receive a more consistent volume of appraisal orders, and gain access to cutting-edge appraisal management and compliance technology. Appraisers who join the internal panel or partner with Accurate Group will become part of an elite force of the nation’s top real estate appraisers and gain access to new business with banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders and services.

By working with Accurate Group, real estate appraisers will discover:

  • Access to a state-of-the-art, cloud-based review management platform that uses intelligent assignment logic to allow reviewers to select the orders that best suit them – taking into account the scope of work, reasonable fees for the assignment and distance from the property in question to help appraisers maximize their income with each appraisal.

  • A streamlined onboarding process that avoids lengthy application forms and requires no upfront cost.

  • Prompt, timely and reasonable payments for completed assessments.

  • The ability to minimize errors and revisions using Accurate Group’s next-generation appraisal management platform, which provides automated appraisal checks against the latest regulatory requirements.

  • Access to Accurate Group’s innovative desktop and hybrid appraisal technology product, ValueNet™, which allows appraisers to conduct home equity appraisals from their home or office and benefit from the latest innovations in assessment modernization technology.

  • Access to Accurate Group’s in-house team of certified appraisers for support and collaboration.

“Our goal is to provide the best full-service appraisal management offering to banks, credit unions and other mortgage lenders. This means providing the highest quality of service and the most accurate and compliant assessments,” said Steve Baczkowski, COO for Accurate Group. “Appraisers are critical to our business, and we continually invest in technology and programs to streamline appraisal processes and facilitate collaborative relationships between lenders and appraisers. Joining the Accurate Group team gives appraisers the opportunity to be an integral part of the industry’s evolution towards appraisal modernization.

Real estate appraisers interested in joining the Appraisal Network are encouraged to email Accurate Group at [email protected] or call 877-587-6361 for more information.

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