New TV show in two parts, The bustle of Dubaibroadcast on the BBC aims to show how Dubai’s booming property market is progressing and whether a group of ten British agents can succeed in the forward-looking territory.

marketed as The apprentice meets sell sunsetthe show follows the group working at Haus & Haus, a British estate agency with an office in Dubai.

Haus&haus managing director James Perry said: “This is ambitious television for young people.”

“We hope this inspires others to broaden their ideas of what they are capable of; there are so many great opportunities out there.

The series is produced by British production company Multistory Media.

Rudy Lira Kusuma of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty is on a mission to support real estate agents in building their own teams and growing businesses around them.

Regarding the perspective and thought process behind the series, he said, “We are based in California and our goal is to grow and help one thousand real estate agents in California by December 30, 2024.”

“Our real estate sector is booming and many Americans are moving to the state and expanding their portfolios with new properties. From an international perspective, however, it is easy to see Dubai’s allure and just how he’s grown over the past few years, he said.

“There are definitely a lot of opportunities out there and it’s cool to see young people trying to make it in an exciting market away from home.”

He continued, “I think COVID has shown us how small the world is in some ways, so now you’re seeing more people traveling and relocating to work remotely and start new lives than ever before. Real estate is such a strong industry with a real transferable skill set that it will be entertaining for the public to see the nuances that go into the business.

Kusuma’s company goal is to allow agents to experience financial freedom and not necessarily be beholden to one linear way of doing business in the industry. Managing to sell 500 homes a year in his first three years of building his team at REMAX in California, Kusuma said, “It’s a good opportunity for viewers to see different areas of the business on the show. “.

Currently, the company is expanding throughout California, Texas and Florida to capitalize on the market.