The event is part of Veterans Day activities on campus

Michelle Berger, Feeding San Diego representative, provides helpful resources to veterans at City College’s November 10 job fair. Photo by Candise Berry/City Times Media

San Diego City College has partnered with the San Diego Employment Committee to show appreciation to veterans by hosting a job fair for students seeking employment and helpful resources the day before Veterans Day.

The students registered with employers from the FBI, Amazon, Goodwill and local real estate agencies. SHU representatives were also present and welcomed students seeking employment at the Linda Vista campus.

“We’re hiring part-time, full-time and flexible, which is new this year,” said Amazon People Coordinator Jaime Perez, “because it allows the candidate to choose their own schedule week after week while still only having to work a minimum of three shifts a month to keep the job.

Representatives handed out bags to collect business cards, flyers, water bottles and stickers. A $100 gas gift card was offered as a raffle prize, along with other goodies. Students ate free gourmet sandwiches and drinks.

The Carte Hotel in downtown San Diego is accepting applications for courier, hostess, and manager positions. It offered benefits such as discounts at fitness centers, medical insurance, dental insurance, and a travel program.

The Greater San Diego Association of Realtors answered questions about obtaining a real estate license. The organization regularly organizes events where students can benefit from reduced prices to attend.

“There are other jobs available if you don’t want to be in the business side, such as coordinators, support and office managers,” Vice President Charles Cooper said.

Michelle Berger of Feeding San Diego posted photos of families helped by the charity. She also offered useful information that could be used to help the community. Feeding San Diego accepts donations to feed the homeless.

Most needed items include peanut butter, nuts, ready-to-eat soups, chili, fruit cups, dried fruits, granola bars, oatmeal, and cereal. for more information contact [email protected].