Democratic incumbent PK Kaiser handily prevailed over Republican Bob Andrews and Libertarian Joshua Lallement in the race to decide who oversees the office that affects property tax collection in Arapahoe County.

Kaiser’s victory is in line with other races in Arpahoe County, with the Democrats winning every open race.

As the results came in on election night, Kaiser said he felt he had provided good service to the public during his first term as evaluator.

“We ran on our case. We were telling people what we did,” said Kaiser, who touted the addition of a system for people to challenge the county’s estimated home value online instead. than in person.

Andrews said he felt “complete shock” at the results, showing Kaiser would win by a wide margin.

“It’s really sad that people are voting directly instead of researching candidates,” Andrews said.

Democrats won the Arapahoe County offices by wide leads, reflecting a strong showing by Democrats at the state level.

The party swept the races for Sheriff Arapahoe; assessor; treasurer; the official who oversees death investigations, or the coroner; county election officer or clerk; and the two seats on the county’s elected board of directors, or commissioners, that were on the ballot this year.

“I want to thank everyone who supported me financially and emotionally and who knocked on doors and made calls for me,” said Andrews, who acknowledged his loss on Facebook.

Andrews has made his experience in the real estate industry a central part of his campaign against Kaiser. Kaiser, who holds multiple master’s degrees, says what’s relevant to his work is his knowledge of statistics, economics and finance.

Role of the assessor’s office

The assessor’s job is to establish accurate values ​​for all properties – residential, commercial, farm, vacant land and more – in the county, a process intended to ensure that the amount of taxes owners pay is fair and fair.

The county assessor’s office itself does not set any tax rates – rather, different local government agencies set the tax rates and then the rates are applied to each individual’s property value to determine how much they must.

For example, county tax is set by county commissioners and school district taxes are set by school boards.

Property taxes partially fund the Arapahoe County government, but the majority of property taxes are distributed to fund school districts, fire and library districts, other local entities, and cities and towns, according to a county document.

Kaiser worked at the Colorado Department of Revenue as a tax examiner. He holds a master’s degree in business administration in finance and another master’s degree in accounting, as well as a master’s degree in agricultural economics, he said.

Bragging Technology

After a long collaboration with colleagues and technical staff, the Appraiser’s Office under Kaiser has created an online protest option so people don’t have to depend on challenging their home’s appraised value in person. by the county, Kaiser said in an earlier interview.

To the county’s knowledge, the assessor’s office offered no mechanism for online real estate protests before Kaiser took office.

Kaiser’s administration has also created an online map so people can see how assessed land values ​​have changed near their homes or in other areas.

“They can see their value is fair relative to their neighbors, their city, their county,” Kaiser said.

He added, “To the best of my knowledge, such a transparency tool was not offered before” in the county assessor’s office.

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