21st of Augustst is National Seniors Day. Throughout our history, seniors have accomplished much for our families, our communities and our country. It is a privilege to serve those who have served us.

According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 78 million people aged 65 and over will reside in America by 2035. This figure will exceed the number of the population under 18 for the first time in the country’s history. WOW!

Who are the seniors in your world that you love and appreciate? In ours, my mother-in-law turned 90 on July 28 and my father will be 90 on September 26. My mother-in-law is 84 years old. We are blessed and grateful that they are healthy and still mobile. Why? They stay active and eat quite healthily. Well, at least 2 out of 3 do. Sigh…

Contact the Seniors (or which “title” do you prefer?) around you, whether with family, friends or neighbours. Check them out, especially with these hot temperatures. What can you do to celebrate them? Take them out to dinner, bring them a meal, share a movie, or just chat. At the beginning of the stories, take out your phone and your video or record them.

Some older people don’t get out enough. Join a senior center near you, meet monthly or weekly for card games (dad plays poker once a week with buddies) or whatever activity you enjoy. Just do something. You can call your family or friends to arrange something. Don’t sit down and lament that no one called you.

Celebrate a senior in your world, not just the 21stst, All the time. Who can you honor this month?

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How can I help you today? We are your real estate resource. Edwena Potter, Certified Senior Housing Professional, Keller Williams Realty, 469-616-0561, [email protected]

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