WINDSOR, Colo., Oct. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As coal and natural gas prices continue to hit record highs and there are no signs of the global sand shortage crisis ending , Hayden Outdoors Real Estate presents a lucrative opportunity for investors to hedge their investments in natural resources. Between the Tennessee and Kentucky border lies approximately $11.5 billion in Blue Gem Coal and $15.3 billion in silica sand beneath approximately 15,491 acres of land for sale by landowners Ketchen Land Co., making it arguably the best natural resource investment on the East Coast. .

  • Elk Valley | $17.5M | 8128 AC. | 33 million tonnes of Blue Gem coal | $350 per ton | Total estimated value of $11.5 billion
  • Buffalo area | $2.1M | 1272 AC. | Natural gas
  • Mars Sand Mountain | $8.9M | 1976 ac. | More than 160 million tons of silica sand | $96 per ton | Total estimated value of $15.3 billion
  • Westbourne Mountain | $9.1M | 4115 AC. | 9.7 million tonnes of thermal coal
    • Total price for the 4 properties: $37.6M | total area: 15,491

Elk Valley is the largest active listing in Tennessee and offers over 8,000 acres and 33 million tons of Blue Gem Coal. According to Tennessee Land Broker Heath Thompson of Hayden Outdoors, “Elk Valley having the largest proven underground reserve of Blue Gem Coal in the southern Appalachian Mountains and the going rate of $350 per ton, potential revenue from a natural resource is number in the billions.” Blue Gem Coal is a rare substance and one of the world’s most valued grades of coal and is recognized among industrial users for its very low ash and sulfur content and extremely high quality.It is found in only 3 states of the United States and is in the production of everyday items such as clean solar panels, cell phones and other essential technologies and products.

Mars Sand Mountain is made up of some of the finest silica sand in the country and has over 160 million tons of the highest quality proven silica sand. There are several uses for silica sand in the industrial and commercial sectors, from golf courses to glassmaking. The going rate for Silica Sand today is $96 per ton, giving an estimated value of $15.3 billion on the natural resource.

Tennessee land for sale offers more than dollar signs. Thompson explained, “The majestic views, wild game and price per acre would be enough for some investors. However, Ketchen Holdings offers the buyer a portfolio of properties with recoverable natural resources that continue to increase in value even in this turbulent market. With the combined estimated value of Blue Gem Coal and Silica Sand at approximately $25 billion, this is an extremely lucrative opportunity for the right long-term investor. Natural gas royalties and income from other revenue streams such as hunting leases or merchant timber are an added benefit.

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