Professional on-demand real estate photography and video service HomeJab details a new realtor resource providing an NFT or non-fungible token to promote homes for sale.

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“For real estate agents, we’re providing an easy way to promote their listings to a new market of potential buyers, and it costs them nothing,” said HomeJab CEO and Founder Joe Jesuele. “For crypto enthusiasts, we provide a way to legally buy real-world assets using blockchain.”

The company said realtors using HomeJab for professional real estate photography for their listing could receive a free NFT backed by the home’s real estate as part of the order. This new service from HomeJab includes the list of houses on the new HomeJab NFT to place.

The scope, according to HomeJab, involves an agent buyer buying the NFT with USD Coin (USDC), a digital currency fully backed by US dollar assets, on the Ethereum blockchain while providing an option to purchase of the property.

Additionally, HomeJab receives 1% on the NFT sale, with the proceeds distributed to the title company which facilitates the closing and registration of the deed.

“I strongly believe that with digital assets such as NFTs, entire industries will benefit from building the Ethereum blockchain by increasing consumer transparency and transaction profitability,” said Lisa Virkus, real estate agent and founder of Detroit, Michigan-based Realty in the D.

The initial NFT-backed home currently listed for sale on the HomeJab NFT site is offered by Realty in the D.