Through the LoanDepot portal, users have access to educational materials that guide them through the process of getting pre-approved for a mortgage. They can also connect to a real estate agent through mellohome, a loanDepot-affiliated real estate referral and brokerage firm.

Additionally, the portal has a credit monitoring tool that helps users better understand their credit score, as well as a home search feature that makes listings easier to navigate.

The portal also offers up to $4,500 in cash and incentives through the Grand Slam program, which provides access to home transaction products and benefits for users who purchase with a mellohome-approved agent and fund through loanDepot.

“Providing enhanced support to first-time homebuyers is a critical part of our Vision 2025 strategy focused on expanding LoanDepot’s goal-oriented buying market footprint,” said Frank Martell, President and CEO of LoanDepot. “We are entering a phase of profound generational change and, therefore, the composition of the typical new home buyer in this country. Our team at loanDepot is fully focused on making sure today’s and tomorrow’s first-time homebuyers have the best possible information, tools and support as they begin their homeownership journey. property.