Considering the many challenges of land acquisition, the scarcity and high cost of the land itself, the daily increase in the cost of building materials and the resulting exorbitant rents, the hope of alleviating the huge shortage of housing in Nigeria seems elusive.

Again, economic realities, fueled by the sustained impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, have combined to drive down the purchasing power of many Nigerians, including that of would-be homeowners.

But there is respite, there is hope, and you can still dream of an affordable home and make it happen. This is where Rouxey Vision Homes and Construction comes in. The Lagos-based real estate consultancy with operations across the globe is poised to do things differently with value-added impacts.

Guided by honesty and adherence to the highest standards and ethics in service delivery, it provides quality and value-added services ranging from property developer/owner, agency, property marketing , valuation, feasibility and viability assessment, consultancy, title search and verification, project, property and facility management.

Since opening to the public 12 years ago, it has maintained its goal of creating unique, luxurious and affordable homes for everyone.

Yet our team, from Founder/CEO, is comprised of young people who are passionate and excited to achieve using our combined wealth of industry experience.

But what matters to us is our team’s ability to actively leverage intimate practical knowledge of real estate asset operations to wisely deploy capital and deliver above-average returns to the business and our partners. , the long-term satisfaction of our customers. and contribute to the growth of the nation.

Additionally, the many projects completed and underway speak volumes about the company’s commitment to closing the housing gap with affordable housing.

Success stories include Amanda’s Garden Estate in Ibeju Lekki as well as the major development (Abijo Heights) located in Abijo GRA Lagos, a booming suburb, Diamond Estate By Novare Mall in Lekki Phase 1, Osapa London project in Lekki, and the Chois Garden Estate in progress, Abijo GRA.

While the real estate company creates unique and luxurious homes, it also caters to all interests by offering affordable home options alongside luxury for its growing clientele.

For the skeptics, real estate is a safe investment with direct benefits for owners and investors, and we at Rouxey Vision Maisons et Construction guarantee this safe investment.

Of course, by investing in real estate, you get financial security because real estate is a safe source of passive income, its value appreciates over time, and you can use your asset as bank collateral.

However, as safe as real estate investing is, potential owners are being scammed by unscrupulous people, which is why hiring professionals should be most important to potential real estate owners.

Considering the risks, and most importantly, for potential landlords in Lagos, the company solves the many challenges they face; hassles of verifying ownership and authenticity of land, obtaining original documents, double purchase of land, harassment of “omonile”, local touts, certificate of occupancy, among others.

As a Certified Real Estate Professional through membership in the Lagos State Real Estate Transactions Department (LASRETRAD), Rouxey is empowered by law to combat fraud, secure land, documents and protect owners’ investments in its rapidly growing customer base. .

Once again, Rouxey Vision Maisons et Construction guarantees to exploit the real advantages of real estate investment, because it is a proven, tested and trusted partner to work with to realize the house of your dreams.

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Moreover, the team of highly qualified professionals works around the clock to make the company a point of reference in the booming luxury real estate market in Nigeria.

Being duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) under the Companies and Related Matters Act of Nigeria (CAMA), Rouxey Vision Homes is a member of professional real estate associations such as the Nigerian Institution of Property Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV), Estate Surveyors and Valuers Registration Board of Nigeria (ESVARBON), among others, is an assurance of quality and professionalism.

I think there is no doubt about the benefits of real estate investing as it is a very safe and long-lasting investment, which has allowed many to start businesses or bounce back when they were in financial difficulty.

Plus, instead of saving money in the bank and letting inflation weigh heavily on its value, real estate appreciates every time and makes the owner feel proud and confident.

Industries, government agencies, parastatals and domestic and foreign individuals, all clients who have taken bold steps to invest in real estate under the professional guidance of Rouxey do not regret it because there is no risk in the ‘immovable. Even if you end up with the earth, she will appreciate the extra hours.

Ikeji, a real estate specialist, writes from Lagos