New York City commercial real estate attorney Natalia Sishodia publishes a new article ( explaining the sale and purchase of a commercial property. According to the lawyer, commercial real estate transactions can be complex and require special attention.

According to the New York City commercial real estate attorney, “the transaction of commercial property is very different from residential property, and while a commercial transaction can be more flexible, it can also be very nuanced. . Whether you’re a seasoned international investor looking for a commercial office building with exceptional income potential or a first-time small business owner looking to lease space, understanding your needs, what to look for, what what to watch out for and where to go is an essential first step.

The lawyer explains that a lawyer can help an individual understand their real estate purchase or rental transaction. These leases can include office or retail space, a restaurant, hotel or land acquisition.

Attorney Natalia Sishodia says consulting a commercial real estate lawyer is essential if a person is interested in buying or selling commercial properties. Having a qualified real estate attorney can help clients structure their sales and negotiate contracts.

In the article, lawyer Sishodia explains that clients considering renting their property should always consult a lawyer. A trained attorney is able to help clients with: letter writing, reviewing rental agreements, rent negotiations, compensation, and right of first refusal enforcement options.

“Whenever financing is required, we can represent the borrower/client in their communication with the financial institution, assist with document submission and help expedite approval from lending institutions, from traditional lenders to specialty lenders . With our strong commercial real estate lending expertise, we are often able to secure faster approval from our clients and more favorable terms,” says the real estate attorney.

Finally, the real estate lawyer explains that having a lawyer is essential for major real estate transactions, especially commercial real estate. A qualified attorney may be able to help with the planning and review of the documents involved in the transaction.

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