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Real estate company Ardmore renovates condemned homes and provides affordable housing –

A recently founded real estate company, Renew Ardmore, is working to renovate condemned homes across the city. Ultimately, they hope to help meet the need for more family housing options in Ardmore.

“The ADA (Ardmore Development Authority) did a study showing just how short of housing Ardmore really is. We looked at condemned housing, and they’re demolishing 55 to 59 houses a year,” said Renew partner Brannon Burroughs. Armore.

Two local property investors launched Renew Ardmore to simplify the home buying process.

“Affordable housing is extremely difficult, especially for first-time home buyers,” said Reece Riggle, partner at Renew Ardmore. opportunity to buy an affordable home.”

They are almost halfway through the renovations of their first project.

“This one’s not that bad, but it’s been condemned for two years, and the next thing you know, they’re going to tear them down,” Burroughs said. “Why not put it back and give it some love and let a family have it.”

Once renovations are complete on the Southeast 2nd Street home, they plan to begin work on several other properties.

“We are trying to work with the city to get the list of condemned properties,” Burroughs explained. “I think there are about 350 on the list, so we’ll work our way through the list.”

Renew Ardmore offers a one year warranty on their remodeled homes.