A real estate company particularly concerned with world-class property development, Veritasi Homes, has launched commercial properties in Ibeju-Lekki called Itunu City.

A statement made throughout the project, Veritasi Homes seeks to place a high value on creativity and productivity in a work environment.

He added that he seeks to be a place where landscape, design and innovative activities come together to create unique and unparalleled experiences for residents and visitors.

Nola Adetola, CEO and Founder of Veritasi Homes, said, “It is with great joy that we are launching ÌTÙNÚ City because we have realized that commercial properties are undersupplied in Nigeria, and we have sought to create a community where functional and luxurious amenities are available. at hand.

“We are talking about financial institutions, hospitals, helipads, amusement parks, computer centers and knowledge centers such as galleries and museums and the amount of industrialization surrounding this project is massive, c is our answer to closing that gap.”

The statement says providing a premium lifestyle was central to Veritasi’s vision to change the world through better life experiences.

Billionaire Realtors’ Group Chairman and CEO Tony Aspire said, “What’s really unique is that this project is going to be a self-contained city run by a private company, someone having come up with this vision of this scale, independent of government, is exciting to see.

“Investors are likely to receive significant returns on their investment in a short period of time.”

Renowned real estate agent, Funke Kehinde, added: “One thing that investors consider before investing is the location of the project and its viability and this project is more than satisfactory, from the facilities offered to how they operate.

The release says the project is the company’s latest and allows people to authentically mix work and pleasure while creating an environment for talented minds to come together.

He said he was paying his dues to the company. In addition to basic amenities, property features include sports facilities, recreation centers, central business district industrial areas, a technology city, and family entertainment centers.