Arth, Jill M Revocable Trust at Liversidge, Simon and Cecile2828 Sheridan Boulevard, $755,000.

Attaie, Naqibullah & Roya at Ha, Tien N6501 S 32nd St., $304,000.

Bartelt, Rebecca at Samuels, Rachel7220 Havelock Ave, $195,000.

Bearinger, Chad and Stacey at Hoefs, Chad and Brooke9632 White Pine Road, $439,000.

Big Dog Holdings LLC at Brown, Evan R & Jordan C6788 SW 25 St., $583,476.

Boelts, Richard D & Cynthia S at Boelts, James and Katie3300 Touzalin Avenue, $195,000.

Bower, Joseph D & Jody L at Galloway, Thomas and Susan6205 W Denton Rd. (Denton), $565,000.

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