In a world of call centers and corporate ownership, the locally owned Resource Bank continues to thrive in South Louisiana.

Resource Bank was founded in July 1998 by a group of Northshore business owners. It has grown organically through customer referrals and the opening of strategically positioned sites between commercial and residential areas. Nearly twenty-five years after its inception, Resource Bank operates ten locations in five parishes. The bank primarily focuses on commercial clients and secured home loans, but also offers a full range of banking services.

Resource Bank employees are dedicated to going above and beyond for their customers. “We want customers to be able to use technology to bet on their own schedule, but also to contact us when they need to,” said Paul Queyrouze, Southshore Market Leader and Senior Senior Vice President, Resource Bank. “We work with their money and we don’t take it lightly. In today’s economy, everything matters. The organization avoids using call centers or voice mail. Account agents have company-issued cell phones so their customers can reach them quickly, even by text. It is not uncommon for a member of the Resource Bank team to meet with a client at their office or job site to ensure that their business needs are met as soon as possible.

“Although our specialty is commercial and real estate, we adopt a private banking approach to offer all our clients personalized service. We have all the technology one could need, but we also believe that working with someone who understands your banking habits and financial needs is very helpful in today’s hectic world,” Queyrouze said. “Resource bank officers know the local market, so lending decisions are made quickly on the ground, not by an out-of-state committee.”

As for staying local, Resource is owned by 450 local shareholders. “We are owned by the community, which makes us a true community bank. Our bankers do what makes sense for the customer and the community as a whole,” noted Queyrouze. Doing the Right Thing has helped Resource Bank grow largely through positive word-of-mouth from shareholders, customers and the community. Resource Bank customers will refer other business or personal accounts to the bank because they appreciate the high quality service. Many new customers frequently mention that they want to do business with Resource Bank because they know others who have had good experiences.

In addition, Resource Bank is committed to empowering its employees and providing them with career development opportunities. For example, Crystal Christophe first joined Resource Bank eight years ago when the Central Business District site opened in New Orleans as a Relationship Manager. In 2017, Christophe was promoted to CBD Branch Manager. In October 2021, she became responsible for the CBD and Metairie sites, taking responsibility for developing the branch service teams. This year, Christophe began training to take on a more active role in commercial and consumer lending while continuing to grow his branch portfolios.

“I’m definitely proof that you can start at a level and progress,” said Christophe. “Since I’ve been with Resource Bank, I’ve always felt like there was a path for me and others to grow. As a Branch Manager, it has been a great experience to be part of how Resource Bank serves the banking needs of people who live and work in our community.

Resource Bank’s breadth of experience enables them to meet the diverse needs of our customers. With five loan officers and nine other team members on the South Shore, Resource is well positioned to continue doing business and reinvesting in the community. The team supports several organizations, including New Orleans and Jefferson Chambers, New Orleans Regional Black House, Delgado, Dillard University, Boys Hope Girls Hope of New Orleans, and Bridge House Grace House, among others. . Since Resource Bank opened on the South Shore in April 2011, it has provided financing to nearly every neighborhood in New Orleans.

Resource Bank has offices in Metairie, New Orleans, Covington, Mandeville, Slidell, Bogalusa, Franklinton and Baton Rouge. For more information, visit