DUBAIWATER, October 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The US dollar and the euro are finally neck and neck for the first time in 20 years.

The weakened euro offers great investment opportunities in Europe. Only the month of June recorded the highest figures with more than 78 million euros investments in the Portugal Golden Visa program, a first since 2020.

As the people’s nation attracts more and more investors, all Portugal is booming and in this blog we review what makes it one of the most progressive real estate destinations in the world.

Top eco-responsible destination

In the 12th century, Portugal implemented one of the oldest environmental laws in the world to protect its cork forests, the country’s rich heritage. In the 21st century, it has prioritized sustainability through housing, recycling and renewable energy, making it a leader in environmentalism in the European Union and the number 1 Eco-Travel destination of 2019, according to the editors of “Tomorrow blue and green.”

Conscious citizens, passionate about recycling and aware of climate change demonstrate from Portugal dedication to sustainable living. A European Investment Bank survey that explored people’s perceptions of climate change in 2021 showed that 91% of Portuguese are willing to use low-emission trains as a substitute for short-distance flights. Despite the government pushing to reduce the carbon footprint, more than 80% of the Portuguese population agrees with the government’s stricter policies on energy-efficient properties, a percentage higher than the EU average European.

The future of real estate is emphasizing sustainability as an increasing number of investors seek out sustainable properties. According to statistics from theWorld Green Building Council“, approximately 40% of global carbon emissions are caused by buildings: construction materials and electricity consumption. In its commitment to sustainability, Portugal has implemented measures to encourage environmentally friendly property developments. Real estate companies and the country’s construction industry are adopting a more environmentally friendly approach. The owners’ point of view Portugal continues its repositioning towards a higher rental yield for green properties compared to non-green properties. from the United Kingdom green log claims that 83% of investors in Portugal predict an increase in tenant demand for sustainable properties.

Creating properties characterized as sustainable and having minimal negative impact on the environment will be a recognizable advantage in the future. Throughout its lifecycle, a sustainable building will protect the environment, improve human well-being and conserve valuable resources. From design and construction to renovation and demolition, a sustainable building will remain environmentally friendly through generations.

For a wide range of property developers, achieving ‘net zero‘ is of increasing importance. Net-zero is a term for zero-energy buildings: buildings that consume as much energy as can be produced through on-site renewable resources. Maybe ambitious but achievable in various regions like Portugal. With increasing attention to environmental issues, property developers are focusing on renewable energy to replace fossil fuels, which aligns with current legislation in Portugal. Many companies from Portugal have put sustainable buildings at the heart of their activity.

Sustainable buildings are not only gaining popularity with developers, but also with investors. As impact investing booms, investors are now looking to make a difference while making a profit. In order to contribute to worthwhile causes, many investors choose to go to companies that produce social or environmental benefits. Investing in sustainable real estate developments offers both a significant financial return on investment (ROI) and a social return on investment (SROI).

Rise in numbers

In Portugal, the eco-friendly real estate sector is attracting more and more interest due to its sustainable economic growth. Since 2016, real estate in Lisbon experienced an annual growth of 2.5%, while places like Santa Maria da Feira experienced an unprecedented annual growth of 12%. Higher quality construction, self-contained buildings and energy-efficient designs are becoming the new normal in Portugal. Since greener building materials and methods are now more available and less expensive, the development of sustainable properties is more viable. When investment in Portuguese real estate reached 26 billion euros in 2019, the majority recognized the sector as the main driver of growth post-COVID-19.

In Lisbon and Port, demand for properties increased by 20%. Besides the large Portuguese cities, the demand for real estate in small towns is increasing. About an hour away from Lisbon, Sintra attracted more property investors in 2021 than in previous years, the National Research Institute noted. The rental housing market of all real estate in Portugal increased by 16% over the last ten years.

from Portugal latest visa regime

from Portugal Golden Visa Scheme has led the Portuguese real estate market to explode over the past decade. The program has been a catalyst in the restoration of old properties, with foreign investment contributing to the transformation into environmentally friendly properties. Recently, Portugal introduces the Green Visa program, where a minimum investment of €500,000 in environmental projects such as ecotourism and organic farming will grant the investor the powerful Portuguese passport and help in the transition to a carbon-free economy.

Typically, a country’s stable economic growth and continued interest in sustainable properties translates into a successful investment. from Portugal particular green growth program puts the country in the lead at the national level. The enthusiasm of the Portuguese government and people to establish a sustainable way of life and a carbon neutral country makes Portugal an attractive destination for investing in environmentally friendly real estate.

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