PLANO, Texas, June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vive Funds Founder Veena Jetti shares her experience and insights on emerging into the male-dominated real estate sector, and details the keys to investing success multi-family real estate. Currently, only 31% of all real estate investors are women.

“My mother started a very successful investment company decades ago, so I grew up around her,” according to Jetti. “As the company continues to grow, I’ve learned to stay focused on our niche and continue to create value for investors, which is something we also love to do. Our company tries to treat all of our sponsors with the same dedication with which we would like to be treated.”

Jetti is all too aware of the challenges faced by working – let alone successful – women in a male-dominated industry. Growing up in a real estate family gave her the perspective she would need to excel; she sees the challenge as an opportunity to differentiate herself and her business from others. Today, Vive Funds has over 500 investments and has traded over $800 million in assets.

“Our business stands out because our partners see what a women-led business can do for their wallets,” adds Jetti. “The fact that we have continued to perform at the highest level certainly helps our cause. We are grateful to the many people who have supported us and emphasized diversity and inclusion at the top of the business – both men and women.”

Although she has been underestimated throughout her past, Jetti holds firm to her professionalism and continues to foster dialogue with critics. “There have been many times where I’m sure I’ve been fired because of my appearance, but once we have the opportunity to dive into a deeper conversation, all preconceived notions are dispelled,” he said. Jetti said. “By focusing on excellence and performance, our reputation and our returns to investors speak for themselves.”

Jetti offers some advice for women looking to break into real estate or any other male-dominated industry: “Keep pushing forward and keep looking for opportunities that inspire you to be great. Look for opportunities to work for and with partners who share the same commitment to equality and diversity that you do – in other words, lots of companies talk, but few walk Does their leadership include minorities and women? Does it have a diverse advisory board? If not, ask them why. When you get really good, you get to a point where you can choose to only work with companies that share the same commitment. It can be very powerful when you can impact other businesses in this way.

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Vive Funds was launched to fulfill its mission of carefully selecting high quality real estate investments suited to our principal investor profile. Its innovative strategy and detailed processes drive its core value of investor-based projects. Vive has developed a rich network of global business partners to make early and transformative investments in assets that have the potential to do great things. Its dedicated team is comprised of seasoned industry leaders looking to partner with hard-working, visionary investors.

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