STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO /ACCESSWIRE/September 20, 2022/ WESTERN SIERRA RESOURCES CORPORATION (OTC: WSRC) announces the acquisition by the Company of 100% of the shares and assets of Mitigation Solutions, LLC (MSL) in order to achieve one of its objectives of management and development of natural resources. In a stock and cash transaction, MSL became a wholly owned subsidiary of WSRC, providing the company with the ability to mitigate water contamination, stabilize dams and remediate large-scale water supply affected by sedimentation for municipalities and special districts across the country.

MSL’s first mitigation agreement as a WSRC company has been accepted by the Santa Maria Valley Water Conservation District (SMVWCD) Board of Directors and signed on Saturday, September 17, 2022. This mitigation agreement relates to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) funding, as well as other funding from the Federal Agency, of which SMVWCD is a beneficiary for immediate use at the Twitchell Dam and Reservoir Mitigation Project Site. The project is expected to take 7-10 years to complete and involves the emergency removal of ash-contaminated sediment to stabilize the Twitchell Dam; restoring the Twitchell Reservoir to its original operational capabilities; and mitigation of tributary contaminated sediments, water contamination and soil deposition from upstream drainages. The Twitchell Dam and Reservoir site is the first of several California sites where these contracted services can be performed by MSL. Details of the mitigation agreement will follow.

MSL leaders join WSRC’s leadership team, bringing decades of disaster response/relief and restoration experience to the company, including hurricane damage; flood contaminated waterways; compromised lake, reservoir and municipal water storage facilities; and failure of the water distribution system. As such, Global Clean Water, Inc. has also contracted with MSL and WSRC to specifically address drinking water contamination issues.

With LOC funding available to mobilize and equipment funding in place with which to ramp up production for the first phase and subsequent phases of the Twitchell project, the company can proceed immediately. Photos, videos and written updates will be made available as project completion goals are met.

The Company will be pleased to document the initiation of Phase I of the Twitchell Dam and Reservoir Project for the benefit of the Santa Maria Valley Water Conservation District, its residents and Company shareholders.

About Western Sierra Resource Corporation:
Founded in 1907, Western Sierra Resource Corporation (a Utah company), has a 115-year history as a gold and silver mining company with projects in Arizona, Nevada, California and Mexico. WSRC currently has six precious metal reserves in Arizona. In 2014, the Company broadened its focus to include natural (and renewable) resources with its acquisition of water rights and associated infrastructure assets in Colorado for irrigation and industrial hemp cultivation; processing of hemp for the manufacture of various construction products; and for building affordable homes using hemp-based materials, among other beneficial uses. WSRC’s intention is to become a large-scale resource company with high-value, revenue-generating assets that include water conservation projects, real estate, agriculture, precious metals, helium and associated “green” technologies.

Forward-looking statements:
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